Accountability In Work

Gabriela FILIP


“I have so much that I want to do. I hate wasting time.” Stephen Hawking

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I am passionate about technology and software in a business context. I am curious by nature and always keen in helping others through the experience I have, so that if we can spare time when having to bring value to a business, or solve a challenge by leveraging joint experience, that is for me a job well done!

I always seek to understand the “big picture” and to get to that understanding I like to look into the components. I have a great deal of patience to dive into the particularities, either that means code, technical solutions, financials, steering and setup or, most of the times, listening to what really the challenge, need or problem is.

Long time experience in Business Development and IT, in large corporations from different sectors. Good understanding of business combined with technology & software development and an advocate of change, with the caveat of learning from past when making changes.

You can find more about me here: LinkedIn