Accountability In Work

About Us


Our Philosophy

We embrace our responsibility to co-create in a world where each of us, our partners, clients and our planet can flourish, throughout sustainable technology and software development.


Guiding Core Values

To stay true to our philosophy we have five core values that we follow in everyday life in everything we do:

Keep it SIMPLE
Value TIME
Be DIFFERENT, yet with meaning
Be HONEST, with yourself and others


Our Story

It all started in beginning of 2015 with a “Happy Birthday” call  that ended after 4 hours of discussion … and so, the DREAM was ignited in our minds and hearts.

Then it was the plan and then the execution, so the COMPANY was born, and the TEAM was created and our first PRODUCTS were delivered. Always progressing in small steps, learning from mistakes – and there were many, we honoured the delivery of amazing solutions to our clients, also while crafting aside our own products.


Meet the Team

We take great pride in our flexible organisation and our relationship built with our working partners, over years of experience and good products and projects delivered.

As we embrace new challenges with great passion, we always share with our clients and partners our motivation for delivering amazing solutions.



CEO & Founder

Strong academic background, including a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering, following career in manufacturing industry leading companies. Moved towards software development companies, holding several positions in company delivering products for US market.

You can find me here: LinkedIn


Gabriela FILIP


Long time experience in Business Development and IT, in large corporations from different sectors. Good understanding of business combined with technology&software development and an advocate of change, with the caveat of learning from past when making changes.

You can find me here: LinkedIn


Amazing TEAM

Artisans of Amazing Products

The AIW team has a mixed blend of skills and capabilities, both in house and throughout our partners: software engineers, software developers, data scientists, graphic designers, SEO specialists, Agile trainers and branding&marketing experts.

Our main partners:

Softimpera >>

Algotech >>


How can we help:

  • Need any support with setting up your first site for promoting your Business online
  • Need web & design expertise on your projects and/or products
  • Need technological expertise on your products
  • Need software expertise on your projects and/or products
  • Need support with your organisation on Agile transformation
  • Need consultancy on digital marketing and social media design and planning